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Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Reiki, Himalayan Bells Sound Therapy, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

About The Practitioner

Who and What Inspires Dina:

Beginning in 1981 and throughout her 33 years of marriage to her primary mentor and late husband, Saul Lewis Smithson, Dina learned Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Sound Therapy, and Energy Healing techniques directly from Saul. Dina took her first 45-hour, hands-on holistic massage class at the University of New Orleans with Saul Smithson as the instructor in 1982. Throughout the 80's and 90's Dina worked as a massage therapist in spas and body-building gyms in New Orleans, Louisiana. In Arizona in the 1990's Dina performed Holistic Massage from her home-based practice.

More recently, Dina completed a Massage Therapy Certification Course at the Delta-Montrose Technical College -  600 hrs training, 90 clinical hours, 275 hours hands-on experience. Study areas: Condition Specific Massage, Complementary Healing Therapies, Spa Therapy, Chair Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Cryotherapy,  Thermotherapy,  Hot Stones, & CPR Certification. Following certification with DMTC, Dina passed the Colorado State Board Massage Therapy examination requirements and received Colorado licensure.

A word about Dina's primary mentor in the Healing Arts:

Saul Smithson, Dina's late husband, was a Judo and Aikido master, practicing and teaching the martial arts for 72 years. With Aikido as " ... a way of life" Saul not only taught martial arts but also Oriental philosophy (Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, and Oriental Calligraphy).  At the University of New Orleans Recreation and Intramural Sports Dept he taught healing modalities  such as Acupressure Therapy and Holistic Massage. During Saul's 33 years of marriage to Dina, he remains the most influential teacher of the healing arts in Dina's life.

In 1996 Dina attended classes at the Center for Reiki Training in Flagstaff, Arizona, under the direction of Master Reiki Master, Melinda DeBoer-Ayrey. Dina received Levels I and II Reiki certification.

In addition to her use of Reiki techniques, Dina works with an energy healing modality called LifeForce Enhancement, which employs  Reiki as a foundation but also includes a specific technique offered to Dina by a Native American Medicine Man who became Dina's mentor while Dina resided in Arizona.

In addition to her experience with the above-mentioned disciplines and mentors, Dina attended both Hatha and  Kundalini Yoga classes in Covington, Louisiana, and in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Throughout her years of yoga practice, Dina's appreciation for the Enhancement of LifeForce Energy  known as "chi," "ki," or "prana" was deepened. 

Dina's studies in the healing and spiritual arts is on-going. In addition to Massage Therapy and Reiki, she is a Certified Past Life Soul Regression Therapist (PLSR).  Past Life Regression is a process using hypnotherapy. Visit to learn about Dina's PLSR service. Read this related news artricle about Dina's Past Life Regression Service:

 At some time in the near future, Dina aspires to obtain continuing educational skills in the sacred Hawaiian bodywork tradition known as Lomi Lomi.                                                                                                  

Saul and Dina feeding their four rescue goats.

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